LANKAQR is a project initiative from the Central Bank of Sri Lanka to ensure all QR codes and QR based transactions in Sri Lanka are standardized and interoperable.
LankaClear has been entrusted by CBSL to implement and operate LANAKQR. LankaPay – Common EF Switch (CEFTS) and JustPay payment platforms will be used by LANKAQR members to ensure interoperability.


Merchant Acquirers
(Who issues LANKAQR codes to merchants)

  • Bank of Ceylon
  • Cargills bank
  • DFCC bank
  • People's bank
  • LOLC Finance
  • National Savings Bank
  • Sampath bank
  • Commercial bank
  • Nations Trust Bank
  • SDB bank
  • NDB bank
  • LB Finance
  • People’s Leasing & Finance

Mobile applications that are capable of reading LANKAQR

  • SmartPay (Bank of Ceylon)
  • DirectPay (Cargills bank)
  • OrelPay (Cargills bank)
  • OnePay (Cargills bank)
  • DFCCPay (DFCC bank)
  • NeosPay (NDB bank)
  • iPay (LOLC Finance)
  • WePay (Sampath bank)
  • Q+ (Commercial bank)
  • Flash (Commercial bank)
  • FriMi (Nations Trust Bank)
  • Upay (SDB bank)
  • CIM (LB Finance)
  • SOLO (Hatton National Bank)

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